Our project

Fabulous Futures is an English course project created by English Teacher Anna Leino for the students of Espoon yhteislyseo Upper Secondary School in Finland. The goal of the course is to acquire the necessary written and oral English skills to apply for a job or to a school abroad. During the course students create practical documents such as CVs and cover letters and practise oral skills by conducting job interviews in groups. These job interviews will be assessed based on an online rubric.

Students also familiarize themselves with school systems around the world (e.g. Australia, the United Kingdom, Finland and the Unites States of America).

  1. Project task 1: 1 blog post (personality tests and dream careers 66 p) and 2 comments (introduction 10 p + peer evaluation 10 p)
  2. Project task 2: 1 blog post (a CV on Prezi.com or WordPress 66 p) and 2 comments (introduction 10 p+ peer evaluation 10 p)
  3. Project task 3: 1 blog post (job ad and questions for an interview using Voki.com 10 p) and 2 comments (introduction 10 p + cover letter 66 p)
  4. In groups : job interviews in class (grade 0-4, max 40 p, oral skills)

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