The Career Of An Airplane Pilot

The work of an airline pilot is interesting, rewarding, demanding and challenging. Working hours are really irregular; it depends on the destination and the aircraft used . There are always at least two pilots in the cockpit: The captain and co-pilot who gets valuable experience to his future job as a captain. As they grow … Continue reading

My dream job

My dream job I have a few dream jobs and those are border guardian or the military academy. Military academy is the number one in my wish list because it is most likely to be more interesting then border guardians job. Border and Coast Guard will after graduating from school will have to start from … Continue reading

Personal Banking Advisor

I have always been interested in financial sector and banking business because my mom works at personal financial advisor in Nordea. I have seen my mom job from close range and I think that it is many-handed job. Personal financial advisor usually works with the key customers and wealthy customers and the advisor counsel customers … Continue reading

Coding is the next big language

I’m interested in coding, and it has always been my dream to became a coder. Coding as a job isn’t very stable as companys like microsoft and nokia chance their employees for younger and more enthusiastic coders, because younger people bring new innovation. Average salary for coders is between $25,000 – $50,000 which isn’t that … Continue reading

The Mysticism of Psychology

I’ve wanted to be a therapist ever since I started in Espoon Yhteislyseo Upper Secondary School, and took my first psychology course. I find psychology extremely interesting, as it is focused to study human mind and behavior. In Finland becoming a psychologist requires three to five years studying to get  The Banchelor’s degree in psychology. … Continue reading

Protecting The City From Criminals!

When I was a kid I always dreamed that one day I will become a police officer. I got my inspiration from TV-series like C.S.I. Miami and Hawaii Five-O. Those TV-series were very inspiring to me. To become a police officer you need to have a high school diploma or pass all General Educational Development examinations … Continue reading

Job as a border guard

I want to become a border guard, because the job is good and education is not long. If you want become a border guard you should serve your military service in immola, close to imatra. You have also be eleven months in the army before you can go to the border guard school. The border … Continue reading

Working at a Library

Working at a Library has always been my dream. It’s an easy and simple job and doesn’t require that much education (compared to some other jobs; Teacher, doctor…). I’ve been there as a trainee and I really liked the job. I’d gladly go there again in a summer job. In Finland, working as a librarian … Continue reading

The Girl of Law Checks Out

Since I was a little girl I’ve been curious about the law and everything that it involves. Therefor I have watched law-themed tv-series as far as I can remember. I have likewise discussed about practicing law with everyone that has even a little interest to it. Becoming a lawyer demands hard work and regime studying. … Continue reading

Working as a police officer

Police The police tasks Finnish police is a organization under the Ministry of the Interior. It’s mission is to secure law and order. Police duties include for example investigating crime scenes, tracking down suspects, arresting them and of course traffic control.  Police Equipment Police officers often carry firearms, stun guns, peppers sprays and many different … Continue reading

Exploring the Universe!

If I needed to choose a career for rest of my life, I would pick something intresting and rare like an astronaut! Finland doesn’t have its own space station but United States does.  NASA ( National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is one of the world’s best agency at stuff that includes space. Being an astronaut … Continue reading

The King of Real Estates

Real estate agent’s job can sometimes be very stressful and challenging. Job contains long hours, many disturbing phone calls and requirement to tolerate stress. Real estate agent, as know as realtor, is a person who conveys houses, plots and apartments. He is the person between seller and buyer. Most of Finnish realtors are women, usually … Continue reading

Psychology As A Job

My idea of an amazing career would be a psychologist or a psychiatrist.The reason I´m specifically into psychology related professions is that they seem so interesting. I`m very interested in psychology and helping and talking with people about their problems. I think mental disorders are compelling in a way. Sadly, many people who have mental disorders … Continue reading

From a hobby to dream job

When I grow up I’d like to have a job that is interesting and fun. I’ve always had my interest in music so if I could choose any job in the whole world my job would be a music artist. I like to perform music and play it whether alone or to audience. I play … Continue reading

Being a journalist takes social skills

Since I was a child, I’ve loved creating and making things. I’ve also read books and written things my whole life. The job of a journalist combines these things. A book author could also do that, but I don’t think I have what it takes to produce a well-written story or a long book. I often … Continue reading

Be a business women

Working as a business woman is my  dream because I am good at maths. I love Maths so much. It is a speak highly of job in my family because my parents have themselves restaurant, it is a heavy job. Them have not high education, so them hope their childrens can have a light job. For example. Officer. … Continue reading

Meteorologist can appear in TV

Meteorologist has been one of the jobs I’ve been a bit interested. I have always been interested in Earths natural phenomenon. Many have seen what meteorologist work is about. They appear usually in TV. Telling about the weather at the moment and how is the weather in the future. Only one of the fifth does actual … Continue reading

Life As a Taxi Driver

Working as a taxi driver means that you have to work with many different people. Some days are better than others, but you should always smile and try to be as positive as possible. It’s very important to be positive, because then your customers get good experience and they will come again. You can’t learn … Continue reading

Musicians work hard

I want to be a successful musician. With my band we will hopefully proceed to that point. To get successful with a group of people making music and playing it together needs a lot of work and patience. It might take years or maybe even a decade getting to that point. After high school I will try … Continue reading

Police The Officer of The Law

Police on of the oldest jobs of the history. When I was a child I always admired the police how they caught bad guys, one day I said to myself that “when I grow up I am going to be a policeman”. There are some qualification to be a policeman: 1. You have to be a finnish citizen only then … Continue reading

My heart beats for theatre

I have always been interested in arts, mainly music and painting. But about two years ago I started to think about, how could I express myself and what would be the right thing for me? As I said I had always like music and painting, but I felt that I’m not good enough and these … Continue reading

Life of a Teacher

If you want to be a teacher, especially one who teaches foreign languages, you need to study hard. I would love to be a language teacher, because I find some languages absorbing and it would be great to share my knowledge with other people. To become a language teacher you need to go to a … Continue reading

I want to work as a flight attendant

I have wanted to become a flight attendant for as long as I can remember. There is something very fascinating about working as a flight attendant. If I was a flight attendant I’d like to work abroad. It doesn’t matter what airline it would be as long as it’s safe and trustworthy. All airlines trains … Continue reading

Hello, My Profession Is Justice

When I was a little girl, my dream was to become a surgeon. My family was quite happy about this, and it truly was my goal for a fairly long time. Unfortunately that very same girl now closes her eyes when someone gets vaccinated on Grey´s Anatomy, so a surgeon´s career is out of question. … Continue reading

Studying to be a lawyer is hard work

If you want to be a lawyer, you need to study hard. After upper secondary school or vocational school you need to go to the Faculty of Law if you want to be a lawyer. The main law schools in Finland are located in Helsinki, Lapland and Turku. The point of this school is to … Continue reading

What Does It Take To Be a Veterinarian

So, many of you might be thinking “what’s a veterinarian”. Let me tell you. A veterinarian (short “vet”) plays a very important role in the life of animals in general, takes care of them, makes sure they’re healthy and in good shape. So in other words, a vet is an animal doctor. The job of … Continue reading