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3 You’re hired!

Job interviews Work alone or in a group of 2-3. Read the following article: 7 Things You Should Never Say In An Interview: CNN. Watch these four videos: Teen job interview attire Do these two exercises by Blair English: Describing Yourself 1 and Describing Yourself 2. Comment this blog post. The following should be included … Continue reading

2 What are you good at?

Introduction Work in pairs or alone to learn about CVs. Look for a CV template or example on Google or YouTube (search for: CV/resume, template, example, how to write). It could be someone’s real online CV, just an example of a CV, an instructional video or webpage with some good advice. If you like, you … Continue reading

1 Your dream career or worst nightmare?

Webquest Do 1 or 2 of these career/personality tests to learn vocabulary ( or and for inspiration! Similar Minds Career Test BBC Careers Test What Career Will Suit Your Personality? What Career Suits You Best? What’s Your Dream Job? Job Discovery Wizard What are you gonna be when you grow up? etc. Write an … Continue reading